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Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

It is never too late to improve your smile! In fact, about one in five patients at Kalimian Orthodontics are adults! Some of our adult patients come to us after seeing their children receive orthodontic care, and some choose to finish incomplete orthodontic treatment that began in their teenage years. Whatever your reason for wanting braces, Dr. Kalimian and our team strive to make your treatment as fast, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Treatment Options for Adults

 Dr. Kalimian and our team offer several treatment options to make our adult patients confident and comfortable while improving their smiles. We offer aesthetically pleasing options such as:

  • Invisalign® clear aligners
  • Incognito® lingual braces
  • Clarity™ SL ceramic braces

We also offer advanced technology like AcceleDent® to help speed up our orthodontic treatment so you can finish treatment faster.

During your complimentary consultation at our Great Neck office, you will receive a thorough clinical exam to determine what treatment options are available and which would be right for you. We use digital X-rays, which use less radiation than traditional X-rays, and digital impressions, which are more comfortable and accurate than traditional impressions. Dr. Kalimian will help you choose between clear braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners, all of which can start you on the journey to a beautiful smile!

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