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Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Did you know that age seven is the best age for your child to have an orthodontic consultation? This may seem like a very young age, and most of our patients don’t start the active phase of orthodontics at this time, but it does give Dr. Kalimian a chance to perform an introductory exam to determine if treatment will be necessary in the future.

Seeing your child at this age can reduce the need for extractions or jaw surgery in later years, as Dr. Kalimian will be able to evaluate and treat growth abnormalities early, if needed. This includes growth guidance, space maintenance, and correcting minor speech problems.

The active phase of orthodontic treatment (braces) for children is similar to the treatment for adolescents, but the treatment for children has to be modified because a younger child may not have the maturity to have the same type of treatment that an adolescent may have. Clear aligners are best used on teen and adult patients, which is why most of our youngest patients are treated with traditional metal braces.

During your child’s free consultation at our Great Neck orthodontic office, Dr. Kalimian will perform a thorough clinical exam to determine if a he or she is a good candidate for orthodontic treatment, what treatment options are available, and approximately how long treatment is expected to last.

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